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Printing Industries Association, Inc. is devoted to helping our members succeed… and there are many ways that we do so.
Have questions about human resources issues, sales tax or compliance? We’ve got the answers. Struggling with a technical printing issue? Give us a call. Looking for a referral to a local resource? You guessed it – we’ve got you covered.

About Our Involvement

Helping The Printing Industry Thrive

We deeply appreciate and value the relationship we have built over the years with The PIA. Although members know our company as a trusted source of affordable Merchant Services, our partnership is more than just business transactions. We respect the professionals in this community and have established a mission to help them expand their network and grow in their careers.

We are honored that the PIA has abundantly trusted us to offer Credit Card Processing Solutions to their members, and we look forward to doing our part in continuing a relationship that is mutually beneficial for years to come.

About The PIA

For over 80 years graphic communications industry businesses have counted on Printing Industries Association, Inc. to help them thrive.

While the list of services, resources and benefits that we offer is long, all are based on our extensive knowledge of the unique needs of our industry and area. As an added benefit, because we’re located where our members are, we are able to drive over and provide some services—such as sexual harassment training sessions and complimentary Cal/OSHA compliance inspections—at our members’ sites.

About MONA Payment Solutions

MONA Payment Solutions is a reliable Merchant Service Provider (MSP) based in Thousand Oaks, California. We work with a community of successful clients across multiple industries and locations.
Our Services Empower You to Accept Credit Cards Anytime and Anywhere.
We provide a variety of merchant services for businesses of all sizes. And we are committed to delivering the latest technology in credit card processing, competitive pricing, and solutions that are tailored to your particular circumstance.

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