The Printing Industry Association of the South

Printing Industry Association of the South (PIAS) is a non-profit trade association dedicated to the stability and growth of the graphic arts industry.
Serving a seven-state region with an active membership of printers, trade houses, paper houses, press manufacturers and various other support service organizations, we share a common goal…to improve and maintain the standard of the graphic arts industry.

About Our Involvement

Supporting Graphic Artists

At MONA Payment Solutions, we believe in the power of collaboration and building strong relationships with organizations we admire. That is why we are proud of our referral partnership with the PIAS. We are committed to delivering the best possible services to their members and to being a trusted resource to the association.

We value our partnership with the PIAS and look forward to serving those in the Graphic Arts Industry with reliable Merchant Services products, you can count on!

About The PIA South

Providing More Than 100 Years of Industry Service

The Printing Industry Association of the South’s number one priority is to respond to your needs by carrying out our mission statement: To continually improve industry stability, growth and economic soundness and to make the PIAS’s graphic communications industry an international center with quality products and services.

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